University of Warsaw Foundation
Fundacja Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego


The University of Warsaw Foundation has been established in order to provide financial support, advanced research equipment and other academic materials for the University of Warsaw and to foster the development of its faculty and research. The activity of the Foundation is based on co-organizing and co-funding various academic projects:


  • purchasing equipment, publications and other substantial materials for the UW research units, laboratories and libraries;
  • financing scientific research and endeavors of the UW scholars and student associations;
  • granting scholarships for the University scholars (especially for younger faculty);
  • financing conferences, symposia and academic meetings organized by the UW units;
  • financing publishing endeavors related to all fields of the UW activity;
  • helping develop material assets and social basis of the UW by erecting new university buildings and renovating or modernizing existing ones.


The University of Warsaw Foundation does not conduct business activity. Funds for pursuing the goals of the Foundation are raised thanks to the generosity of institutions, companies and persons willing to support the UW’s development and activity.

The Foundation receives donations for the pursuit of its statutory goals as well as for particular projects or units of the University. The Foundation’s financial activity is characterized by transparency, which is typical for non-governmental organizations. The Board of Directors of the Foundation submits an annual report to the UW Senate. Its financial report is reviewed by an independent comptroller.

The Board of Directors and the Revision Committee's seats have been held by many distinguished scholars from nearly all University departments. Members of these governing bodies are elected by the UW Senate and do not receive remunerations for their services.



Location and correspondence address:
The University of Warsaw Foundation
Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
00-927 Warsaw

NIP: 525-15-69-220
Regon: 001323248

Gardener's House

Location of the Foundation’s Office:
Gardner’s House, room 1.4
Dobra 68/70
00-312 Warsaw
phone number: +4822 5520882
fax number: +4822 8267948

mgr Karolina Żardecka-Górska
Head of the Foundation’s Office

Bank account number:
PKO Bank Polski SA Oddział 56 w Warszawie
ul. Bagatela 15, 00-585 Warszawa
30 1020 1156 0000 7502 0008 7213