University of Warsaw Foundation
Fundacja Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

1,5% / Public Benefit Organization

1,5% of the annual income tax for the University of Warsaw Foundation


The University of Warsaw Foundation is a public benefit organization since 2004 (registered under KRS No. 0000218937). The Foundation was established on May 12th, 1988 in order to provide financial support for the University's projects (especially for advanced research equipment, books and magazines) as well as in order to support the development of the UW faculty and research. Notably, the Foundation has continued to finance or co-finance the University's investments (the Warsaw University Library and the new builidng of the Department of Neophilologies).

By virtue of having the status of public benefit organization, the Foundation enjoys privileges of such organizations, including being able to receive 1,5% of the annual income tax of physical persons.

Anyone wishing to support the activity of the University of Warsaw Foundation by donating 1,5% of their income tax, 
should include the Foundation's KRS number (0000218937) and a proper amount of the income tax
in the annual PIT form.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail.


Location and correspondence address:
The University of Warsaw Foundation
Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
00-927 Warsaw

NIP: 525-15-69-220
Regon: 001323248

Gardener's House

Location of the Foundation’s Office:
Gardner’s House, room 1.4
Dobra 68/70
00-312 Warsaw
phone number: +4822 5520882
fax number: +4822 8267948

mgr Karolina Żardecka-Górska
Head of the Foundation’s Office

Bank account number:
PKO Bank Polski SA Oddział 56 w Warszawie
ul. Bagatela 15, 00-585 Warszawa
30 1020 1156 0000 7502 0008 7213